NEWRON (2014-2015)

Muriel Romero and Pablo Palacio start a new collaboration with new media artist and artificial intelligence researcher Daniel Bisig. Newron is a trans-disciplinary research project that combines mathematical models from cognitive neuroscience with choreography, music and visual arts in order to realise new creative approaches in the performing arts. 

One of the challenges of this project is to devise a software instrument which will serve as a tool to analyze and generate choreographic structures on the basis of artificial neural networks. The bodily activity of the dancers plays a prominent role in the evolution of the sonic and visual properties of the space. 

Spanish premiere at IDN festival in Barcelona (Spain), February 2015.



This is a performance that emerges form a research part of the Metabody EU Culture Project. In this work we will explore how artificial neural networks could serve as an interface between a physical and imagined body parts. 

Accordingly, an audiovisual interactive neural body extension and the tracked skeleton of a dancer will enter into different situations of co-determinacy establishing reciprocally their creative conditions. From the initial chaos of their local interactions emerges a mosaic of ephemeral micro-worlds and micro-identities in constant transition, each one trying to establish or impose through fast and ciclic oscillations.

Premiere at Art Ort Festival in Heidelberg (Germany), July 2014.


METABODY (2013-2018)

Muriel Romero and Pablo Palacio are co-organisers of the plurianual european project Metabody. A 5 years project starting July 2013, with the support of the European Commission and the participation of 28 partners from 14 countries.

Metabody is an unprecedented meta-vergence of architecture and spatial arts, performance, dance and body arts, sound arts, visual and media arts, kinetics, philosophy, cognitive sciences, theories and histories of affects and emotions, alternative mathematics, post-queer, postcolonial and disability theories, embodiment theories and social activism; generating a new metadiscisciplinary field and network of nomadic modules of practice-theory: MetamediaLab & Metahuman Metaformance Studies.

In the 4th year he project will develop a mobile experimental architecture containing interactive multisensorial laboratories for performances, installations, workshops, seminars, residencies and continuous research, that will tour throughout 9 European cities in the last year of the project as an observatory of diversity and a laboratory of difference.

STOCOS (2011-2012)

Stocos is the third part of a trilogy centered on the analysis and development of the interaction between sonic gesture and dance gesture in a three-dimensional sound space. This series of pieces are developed inside a set of loudspeakers surrounding both the stage and the audience, and within which sound objects move and transform following spatial trajectories associated with the movement of the dancers.

Stocos is a trans-disciplinary project  that combines stochastic processes and artificial intelligence based simulations in order to create behavioral dependencies and aesthetic relationships between dancers, simulated entities, music, visuals and light. As a result, the stage becomes a responsive environment whose visual and acoustic properties emerge from the mutual interactions between the dancers, stochastic sound synthesis and swarm simulations.


A summary of the tour and activities related to the project is available HERE.

CONCEPTION AND IDEA: Pablo Palacio / Muriel Romero

CHOREOGRAPHY: Muriel Romero.

PERFORMANCE: Muriel Romero and Ruth Maroto.



PRODUCTION: Pablo Palacio and Muriel Romero.

CO-PRODUCTION: Mercat de las Flors.

SUPPORTS: Cervantes Institut, Hebel Halle (Heidelberg, Germany), Teatros del Canal (Madrid, Spain), Instituto Cervantes, El Graner (Barcelona, Spain), Festival VAD (Girona, Spain), Comunidad de Madrid (Madrid, Spain).

WITH THANKS TO: Sergio Luque Ancona.