Pablo Palacio

Pablo Palacio is an independent composer currently living in Madrid. His work has been focused on the transformation an perceptual connections of sonic images. He has held residences in Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Lebanon. His pieces have been performed in many countries from Europe and United States to China, India, Brasil,  or North Africa, and edited by the label Sub Rosa in Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music. He is also an active composer for dance and performing and collaborates with Bauhaus-Universität Weimar designing interactive  musical instruments for people with disabilities. He has divulged new perspectives and technologies in sound composition through publications, workshops, and talks in several conservatories, universities and institutions such as University of Genoa (Italy), International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Missouri State University (E.E.U.U), or Intenational Symposium of Movement and Computing (MOCO). He is a visiting lecturer of sound space on the Master in Performing Arts and Visual Culture (UAH-Madrid).


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