About This Project

2008. 32:26. For Computer. 8 Channel and 16 channel version.

The sonic universe of Acusmatrix is constructed upon digital transformations of birdsong of 4 european species: Capercaillie (Tetrao Urogallus),   Rock ptarmigan (lagopus mutts), Eurasian blackcap (Silvia Atricapilla),  and Little grebe (Tachybaptus Ruficollis). Acusmatrix presents a sound generation method with a tree structure. Starting with an original bird sound,  the transformations produce successive metamorphosis of the original, creating a genealogy of perceptually interconnected sounds with multiple junctions and branches. Why choose birds? Birds are probably the most stunning sound virtuosos over the planet, and their repertoire covers a great spectromorphological range of absolute contemporaneity, moving between noise and delicate pitched tones. The sections (each one developing particular transformations of a particular bird) of the piece are

Capercaillie ( Tetrao Urogallus). 1st Part.

Rock ptarmigan (lagopus mutts).

Eurasian blackcap (Silvia Atricapilla). 1st Part.

Capercaillie ( Tetrao Urogallus). 2nd Part.

Eurasian blackcap (Silvia Atricapilla). 2nd Part.

Little grebe (Tachybaptus Ruficollis).

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