About This Project

2010. 25m

Constructed upon sound transformations of phonemic gestures emitted by the dancer that constitute the germ of dance motion itself. The sonic universe of Catexis is constructed upon digital transformations of phonemic objects emitted by the dancer. Linguistic flow constitutes a complex model of timbric transformation. These transformations comprise the multidimensionality of sonic space and reflect the fact that sound is a continuum in constant transformation. The focus is the search of a natural morphology of phonemic objects, finding analogies between the physiological activity in the vocal tract involved in its production (sound gesture), and the motor activity of the dancer (dance gesture).

Sound transformations were designed with Supercollider language and C.D.P. (Composers Desktop Project) software.

Catexis is the second part of a large scale project developed with dancer Muriel Romero.

Música, Obras