About This Project

2015. 50m

Music for the the second of a series of pieces focusing on creating connections between real body parts, totally synthetic sounds and imagined body parts through artificial neural networks. In this respect, a series of interactive audiovisual bodily extensions are attached to the bodies of the dancers to generate a shared world where both entities (real and virtual) establish their creative conditions reciprocally.

In Polytopya, a term formed from Poly (many), Topos (place) and Utopia (anywhere), the bodies on stage are abstracted and fragmented into a hybrid corporeality that emerges from local interactions between natural physical members and artificial body parts, making it possible to modify the morphological appearance and behavioural capacity of the dancers.

This co-presence is fragmented into a mosaic of ephemeral micro-worlds and micro-identities and is disseminated in a scenario that becomes a laboratory of processes of technogenesis and the progressive virtualization of the human body and stream of consciousness.

Música, Obras